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Explaining Your Business in 2 Minutes

May 22, 2013

In business, entrepreneurs know how valuable time is for a lot of people whether you are a successful businessman or an employee yourself. Time is very crucial in either making or breaking a deal. If you are an entrepreneur, we all know that customers can easily change their minds by the way you handle with them for a couple of minutes. That is why if given the chance, we would want to interact with them with the shortest possible time available, yet ensure that we make a great connection to get the deal.

So how do you explain your business for just two minutes?

The Use of Explanation Videos

An explanation video would be very useful to reaching out to your target customers within a short period of time. It can take about 2 minutes up to 5 minutes depending on how you want your video to be. Explanation videos are widely used by different businesses today especially those who are socially active in the online world. These videos are in a form of graphically captive explanations that are done in the simplest way through art illustrations and the like.

Things to be considered

Upon making this kind of marketing strategy, it is important to know some essential dos’ and donts’. Having to skip with these components may lead you to marketing failure if not observed.

  • Know your customer – Prior to making your explanation video, you should study the type of market your business may be targeting. Would young adults would be more inclined to your type of business? Or are you more focused on middle-aged clients? The type of target market greatly affects how you would present your business as to their knowledge and educational level of understanding.
  • Give out benefits - Your explanation video should clearly explain what is it for your customer to gain if he tries to access your business site or buy your products? It should clearly explain your customer needs and what advantages there is for them.
  • Tell online advantage – Show to your customers how easy it is to access such business if they go online. Tell them a hassle-free experience when they choose your business by browsing through your website.

All these things can be said in two minutes. What is important is that you just have to be precise in stating what your business is all about and clearly explain what advantages it can give to your customers. Remember that customers would be willing to hand out money to any business proposal that you have for as long as they fully understand and value the product or service you are offering.